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A New Children’s Bible You Need: Shine On!

A great new resource in the Shine curriculum, the Shine On Story Bible is for young people in grades 1 – 8. This story Bible provides a rich tapestry of maps, cartoons, and culturally-appropriate images for stories from the Old and New Testaments. Also available in Spanish!

The 320-page, hardcover book is filled with stories of people “wrestling to know God and give us a glimpse of God’s desire for the world.” Both Old and New Testament stories are included with highlights of biblical poetry, songs, laws, instructions, and history.

A Story for Holy Week: “Ragman”

This is Holy Week, and many of you out there might be wondering what you might share with your Bible study, small group, youth group, or other group.

For you preachers out there, you may be looking a list of services and plugging in sermons, illustrations, and messages.
Or perhaps you are simply trying to faithfully observe Holy Week (not simple at all!) and looking for some extra inspiration.Here is a powerful short story you can use.

Easter Books for Children

Sharing the Easter story with young people is a great joy. These books, with text and images, tell the death and resurrection of Jesus in appropriate ways.