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In the Bustle of Easter… Don’t Forget to Teach Easter!

When to teach Easter is a fundamental question for churches who see high attendance numbers on Easter Sunday but do not offer formational time on the Feast Day.

8 Quick Games for Sunday School and Youth Group

From balloons to jelly beans, these games by Jolene Roehlkepartain will add a spark to your group, and actually help kids focus!

DVD Review: Kids and Prayer

A new DVD for elementary-age students that teaches children an overall concept of Christian prayer in a fun and engaging way.

Teacher Tip: 7 Ways to Quiet a Crowd

How do you call a group to attention. Whether children or adults; school, church, or camp – these seven teacher tips help invite a crowd to quiet.

Curriculum Review: TeenText

TeenText is a weekly, lectionary-based curriculum for grades 6-8 and 9-12.

Does your Church Have Benchmarks for Christian Education?

Christian education benchmarks provide consistent reference points against which formation activities can be measured, encouraging teaching and learning in the congregation.

Stock Up! Guide to Buying School Supplies

Whether you need school supplies for Sunday school, youth ministry, school, or home, this guide will help you save money, and get the best items.

Introducing ‘Sparkhouse Family’: Books, Videos, & More

Sparkhouse Family offers trusted books and videos for at-home access. Parents and caregivers have new tools to pass on faith to children at home.

Illustrated Children’s Ministry: A Resource for all Ages

Illustrated Children’s Ministry provides artistic resources for learning and coloring throughout the church year, for congregations, classrooms and homes.

Sunday School Rotation Model: How it Works

The Rotation Model is an exciting Sunday School option that uses art, music, cooking, to teach Bible stories. Fin out how it works: benefits and challenges.

Evaluating Christian Education Curriculum

Do you love your current Christian formation curriculum? Considering other options? Follow these tips for evaluating current and potential curricula.

How to Make Easy Bible Lego Videos with Kids

Wondering how to engage children in Biblical stories? This process, using Lego, digital pictures, and powerpoint, is perfect for Sunday school or home.

Sunday School Activity: Life-Size Scrabble

For a group activity that is fun and builds team spirit, try life-size Scrabble for Sunday School. Tiles are easy to make and rules easy to adapt. Enjoy!

Three Models for Intergenerational Faith Formation

Churches are discovering the benefits of intergenerational faith formation. Large gatherings, small groups, or enhancing existing program all work for you.

Spring Comes Early with Plants in Your Sunday School Room

Plants not only supply life-giving oxygen, but also make us more in tune with the natural world. If we bring plants and flowers into our Sunday School rooms – a relatively inexpensive undertaking – we can set an example of care and appreciation of the natural world for our children. We can also illustrate the continuing work of God in creation in our world, bringing to life the scripture and theology of Genesis.

The Living Advent Wreath: An Activity for Children

Four children stand on a floor-wreath and pretend to be Advent candles. Wearing colored capes with bright yellow hoods, they “light” one candle each week.

Creating Mixed Seating at Intergenerational Events

At the Church of the Servant in Grand Rapids Michigan we started Intergenerational Sunday School (IGSS) in the Fall of 2013. On the first Sunday of the month from September through May, during our education hour, IGSS replaces our normal Sunday school classes.

Instead of watching adults go off to their classes and sending each grade of kids off to their separate classrooms, all generations (even our nursery kids!) are invited to meet together in the fellowship space. We set up round tables that seat eight people. But how could I guarantee that each table would have an intergenerational representation? My solution: silk flowers and quart jars.

How to Get Church Volunteers: Stop Recruiting Them

And as the title of this post suggests, the most important point is that we don’t recruit volunteers. On the contrary, we call volunteers. This may seem like semantics, but the language underlines a crucial distinction. To recruit is to fill spots. We have a gap; we need a warm body to put in there. In this way of thinking, filling the spot is more important than the person who fills it.

Why Sunday School Still Matters – And Why it Still Works

Here is the question: Is Sunday school still valuable in building up the next generation of Christians? Or is it a tragic hindrance to the overall goals of the Christian community?

The answer must take into account a full view of faith formation. But in short: Yes Sunday school is valuable. And yes, a traditional model of parish-based Christian education can still be effective is nurturing children and offering them knowledge, skills, and values to grow into adult followers of Jesus Christ.

The Year Sunday School Came out of the Basement

When our Sunday School wing needed renovations, we moved formation to the hall, stage, the kitchen, and other spaces. The results were so exciting!