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Planning for Formation

Before you find yourself juggling the junior high retreat and the octogenarians’ knitting circle, spend some time with your parish mission statement and a large calendar. Planning for formation is more than filling squares. It means looking at all of your parishioners and their needs, as well as who you are as a people of […]

More Tips on Teaching Children a Song

Please let’s stop encouraging the notion that louder is better. I’ve seen weeks of work to empower children to sing freely vanish in one rehearsal where some director says “Louder!” to the children. They cannot share what they’ve worked on and there is no accomplishment in yelling.

Tourist, Missionary, or Pilgrim?

Preserve those who travel; surround them with your loving care; protect them from every danger; and bring them in safety to their journey’s end. Amen.

Allergies in the Classroom

Your church should develop policies to manage food allergies appropriately, including information on handling medical emergencies, and taking preventative measures to avoid a child’s exposure to a known food allergen.

Youth Ministry Now (Again)

The very survival of our particular Christian traditions, not to mention the fulfillment of our Christian mission, demands that we attend urgently and passionately to the Christian formation of our young. For young people to be the future of the church, we must fully welcome adolescents into the present of the church as well.

The Rhythm of the Atrium

The child from one’s own present cultural reality begins to see oneself as a collaborator with God in the unfolding drama of salvation history – and contemplates the question – “What is my place in it?”

18 Creative Ways to Support Leaders

Write short profiles of each leader for your church newsletter: Here’s a suggested format: Name – birthplace – favorite quote – favorite charity – favorite book – some way the congregation could contribute to the leader’s group.

The Feet of Crazy Christians

They walked in the steps of Jesus of Nazareth, who summons disciples of every generation with the words, “Follow me.” Their pilgrimage was part of other pilgrimages of the past, because in their walking they showed that discipleship is really about what you do with your feet.

Passing on the Faith

I am convinced that the most important component of the spiritual development of children is their interaction with adults who are willing to share their stories, questions, and journeys of faith.

Learning to be a Catechist

The rhythm of the sessions reflects that of the Atrium which is also that of study and prayer, but one that helps the catechist create an atmosphere for the child that is more of a retreat like setting than a classroom.

Church School Can Be Bad for Your Health

We carve up the Bible into “Bible stories,” so that few children even suspect that the story of God’s people – our story – is not a collection of object lessons or heartwarming anecdotes, but a long story of unbearable loss – and unbearable hope.

“Help Me Come Closer to God by Myself”

Call and commitment is the bottom line for the catechist and the parish. When one is called there are no obstacles – so often in recruitment everything can be seen as an obstacle.

Read This Before Your Next Meeting

There’s nothing like going to a church (or any) meeting in which there is no agenda, the conversation rambles, and when you leave you realize nothing has been accomplished.


Imagine your church’s own virtual classroom, stocked with dozens of courses on the Bible, liturgy, and important Christian topics. Students can interact in a safe online environment that’s convenient, engaging and affordable.

Creative Writing in Faith Formation

Our aim is not a set of polished pieces of writing. Our aim is a community of Christians drawing more deeply on their experiences and imagination as they engage with scripture and one another.

Conflict Management with Tweens

As an adult leader or mentor of tweens, your role is to help participants try to solve their “issues” on their own. Jump in to help only if you are really needed.

When Bad Things Do Happen

Bad things may hit close to home and become intensely personal, with the power to turn a child’s secure, stable world upside down. Other tragedies, with a bit more distance – a school shooting in another community, a war-related bombing which takes innocent lives, or a death of a distant relative – can also trigger anxiety, sadness, and distress for children.

What is a Church School Teacher?

A Church School Teacher is a person who rocks our babies while we attend worship; who is willing to sleep in a sleeping bag on the church dining room floor with 30 teenagers in the confirmation class.

Hidden Disabilities

Students with hidden disabilities can be a handful. Fellow students dislike them. Teachers are wary. But these students need not be lost in the shuffle or ostracized. Educators, parents and the students themselves can-working together-change the attitudes and behaviors causing so much trouble.

Helping the Unlikeable Student

It is difficult to admit—even to ourselves—that there are students we don’t like. It’s embarrassing: Aren’t we supposed to have good feelings for all of our students? Ideally, yes, we would like all of our students. But we are real people, dealing in the real world with some very difficult students.