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A Curriculum that Forms and Supports Teachers: The Episcopal Children’s Curriculum

Through its lesson plans and supplemental materials, the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum forms and supports teachers as well as children.

Looking for Sunday School and Youth Group Games?

Taking a break for a quick game or activity can improve focus, the key is being prepared with fun, structured, movement-filled games.

Christian Formation and the Great Commandment

When we say, “Christian Formation.” though, we’re talking about forming the whole Christian. Theology is an essential part of that — there can be no saying, “Well, if we just teach them to love Jesus (heart), that’s all they need.” Christ says otherwise. If we say, “They’re learning the theology of service (strength) by doing their volunteer hours,” again we’ve got an incomplete picture.

Teachable Moments

I was in our local grocery store around lunch time recently and witnessed someone shoplifting. There was no doubt about it. Two young men were in the candy aisle and one lifted a bag of chocolate of some kind and then I thought I saw him tuck it into his sweatshirt but I couldn’t be sure.