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6 Ways to Build Relationships in Youth Ministry

Relationships continue to be at the heart of fruitful ministry, especially with teenagers. Here are practical ideas for reaching out to youth.

Holy Week Through the Eyes of Youth

Holy Week is a time to invite, to encourage, and to propose. Consider with the ways in which twenty-first century discipleship calls us to the cross.

Youth Group, Teens, Smartphones… What’s the Answer?

Ministry leaders have an opportunity to take what the common tools of technology in our culture to be a reminder of Christ’s presence with us.

Bullying Links and Resources

Resources and links compiled by Building Faith on bullying.

Curriculum Review: TeenText

TeenText is a weekly, lectionary-based curriculum for grades 6-8 and 9-12.

We Invited our High School Youth back to Sunday School: And they Came!

High school students help plan and lead a bi-weekly curriculum rooted in the covenants of the Bible that stretches into their personal and communal lives.

Spiritual Fun with Dry Erase Markers

Little ideas can strengthen faith. Use dry erase markers to write Bible verses, faith messages, or pictures. Works for church, or on the mirror at home!

Training Teens for VBS: 16 Things They Need to Hear

Teens make valuable contributions as VBS volunteers. But they need clear and direct training. Here’s what to tell them to keep everyone safe and having fun.

Why VBS Needs Teenagers… and Why Teens Need VBS

Teenagers volunteering for VBS is a win-win: you get enthusiastic helpers and a chance to offer them age-specific formation

30 Hour Famine: A Youth Event with Staying Power

A youth events invites participants to experience hunger by fasting in a 30 hour famine. One church is on its 17th year of this powerful event.

Faith Words Matter: Helping Teens Articulate Faith

Naming everyday situations with faith words helps teens articulate their walk with God. Leaders guide and model, helping youth see God at work around them and in them.

Gifts for Graduating Seniors

Churches play an important role in sending off high school seniors. Special gifts can mark the occasion. Some suggestions including books and other ideas.

Teens, Sin, and Grace

Lisa Brown shares more of her wisdom on talking with teens about sin, grace, and forgiveness.

How to Talk with Teens about Sin

How do teens and youth understand sin, and how can adults discuss this topic in a faithful way? Lisa Brown offers practical ideas and great analogies.

Burning Palms to Ashes with the Confirmation Class

For Ash Wednesday, Christians often burn the palms from the previous Palm Sunday. What happens when you invite your confirmation class to help?

Summer Camp Formation: Why Does it Work So Well?

Greetings in the name of the Lord! I write to you, having just completed another inspiring, exciting, boisterous, reverent, and one-of-a-kind day at Christian summer camp. I am serving as a chaplain for a session of 89 middle-schoolers here at Shrine Mont Camps, in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. We just came from an evening Communion service in the outdoor chapel, surrounded by candlelight, with guitars and voices rising to the darkened sky.

And the kids are LEARNING. The messages are sticking. The group is coming together. The answers (and questions) are getting more deep and honest. When I ask, “What did we talk about on the second day?” a dozen hands go up, and the correct response “Jesus is reliable,” comes without delay.

Being Church, Being Proud

Nothing surprised me more than seeing my daughter excited to hand out “come to church” flyers at a gay pride parade. She and her friends even carried the church banner. It seemed so incongruous – Kids? Pride? Church? I couldn’t imagine truculent teenagers would want to do anything as sappy and uncool as march with […]

*We* are the Literal Heart of Jesus: what it means to engage in lifewide Christian formation

A month ago Building Faith published a pre-review of the young adult novel-turned hit movie The Fault in Our Stars. Author Lisa Brown, communications director and children’s minister at St Paul’s, where parts of the movie were filmed, was insistent that formation leaders could use this very real, very popular movie to connect to the lives of its […]