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Do You Pray for Your Children? How to Start

What matters most is that your prayer is authentic, spoken from the hopes and fears of your heart. God knows you and delights in your voice.

Giving Thanks: A Family Craft

This Thanksgiving, take some time for an easy, intergenerational craft to recognize and record gratitude. This family craft can then adorn your table!

Building Faith Does Thanksgiving: 7 Helpful Posts

From at-home activities, to the history and meaning of Thanksgiving, you are sure to find something helpful: a round-up of Building Faith articles

10 Thanksgiving Prayers and Table Graces

Family around dinner table offering Thanksgiving prayers

Looking for Thanksgiving prayers? Here are 10 traditional and contemporary prayers and table graces to use at home or church on Thanksgiving Day.

5 Thanksgiving Crafts to Teach Gratitude

November is the perfect time to teach gratitude at home, church, or school. Thanksgiving crafts, with Scripture, and tips for teaching thankfulness.

11 Ways to Practice Gratitude with Children

On Thanksgiving and throughout the year, these activities can help teach children – and the whole family – gratitude. It makes us happier and healthier.

Here you’ll find some ideas for practicing gratitude in the Sunday school classroom, children’s chapel, and in the home.

Litanies for Thanksgiving

Litanies are longer prayers that take the form of call and response. These Thanksgiving prayers can be used at church or at home.

A Thanksgiving Reflection: “A Way of Life”

Do we read the historical research and realize that they were not all very nice people and that their arrival was not necessarily a hit with the native peoples? What about all the other people who arrived on these shores at different times and in different places?

Intergenerationally Growing Together

Many Christian education programs make this same separation of generations, but more and more religious educators are discovering that when adults and children learn together the experience is richer for everyone. Encouraging communities of faith to bring all ages together to worship, celebrate, and learn allows us to become better acquainted with every member of the congregation.

Thanksgiving Activities for Church and Families

Families and churches can build faith at church or home with Thanksgiving activities and ideas for children, youth, adults, and families.

The Silver

Maybe your parents had things in their home, that when they are gone, the things speak their names to you.

Thanksgiving Day: Context and Culture

Thanksgiving dates back hundreds of years. Thanking God for the harvest is an important part of our religious lives. Indeed, Thanksgiving belongs to prayer.