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What I Did at Theological Debate Camp

SUMMA is a summer camp that deepens campers’ understanding of faith through theological debate, while building community, and offering plenty of fun.

How to Talk with Teens about Sin

How do teens and youth understand sin, and how can adults discuss this topic in a faithful way? Lisa Brown offers practical ideas and great analogies.

Children’s Stations of the Cross

Practical advice and suggestions for offering a stations of the cross service for children and families.

A Theology of Difference and Disability

They help us wrestle with a culture of forgiveness. Can you forgive me for my not understanding where you’re really coming from and for not seeing your strengths? Can you forgive me for projecting my own fears onto you, and saying the wrong things? Can I forgive you for the fear you bring up in me?

Confirmation’s Purpose

Confirmation, to the degree that it is relational, is about the relationship between the candidate, who is renewing baptismal promises, and the Lord into whom she was baptized.

A Point of Balance: Reconciliation

Protestantism tends to recognize reconciliation between God and humanity as a result of the Cross (Romans 5:6-11), and Catholicism tends to emphasize how the love of God poured out upon us as a result of the divine-human reconciliation creates a new humanity in which the walls of division between people are broken down (2 Corinthians 5:17-20; 6:1).

Ideas for a Theology of Childhood

Though the child is born into a world of accident, chance, contingency, and random happenings she will finally address it in openness to the One “who presides over all things.” Rahner expresses it tersely: “childhood is openness. Human childhood is infinite openness”.

Reel Theology: Finding God in Hollywood

I remember how my mom turned a chance viewing of A Weekend at Bernie’s into an extended metaphor for our constant struggle to live out the Pauline notion that the old self was crucified with Christ “so that the body of sin might be destroyed” (Romans 6:6).

Child Theology

Jesus put a child in the centre of the disciples when they were having a theological argument about greatness in the kingdom of God. It is plain that Jesus thought the child’s presence would give the disciples a clue to the essential truth they were missing.