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Building Faith Does Mission Trips: 5 Helpful Posts

Five posts on mission trips to make the most of your time away. Included are many ideas for connecting those on the trip with those who remain at home.

Building Faith Does Holy Week: 15 Helpful Posts

Our best Holy Week posts for creating meaningful liturgies at church and at home, with practices for youth groups, children’s church, and the home.

Holy Week Through the Eyes of Youth

Holy Week is a time to invite, to encourage, and to propose. Consider with the ways in which twenty-first century discipleship calls us to the cross.

8 Quick Games for Sunday School and Youth Group

From balloons to jelly beans, these games by Jolene Roehlkepartain will add a spark to your group, and actually help kids focus!

Youth Group, Teens, Smartphones… What’s the Answer?

Ministry leaders have an opportunity to take what the common tools of technology in our culture to be a reminder of Christ’s presence with us.

Teacher Tip: Creating Lessons that Engage Teenagers

Engagement, that spark which leads to interaction and learning. Here are tried and true ways to plan and lead lessons that engage teenagers.

Book Review: The Book of Comic Prayer

Author Heather Annis has created a platform for youth ministry based on comics youth draw in response to scripture and their daily lives.

Curriculum Review: TeenText

TeenText is a weekly, lectionary-based curriculum for grades 6-8 and 9-12.

Training Teens for VBS: 16 Things They Need to Hear

Teens make valuable contributions as VBS volunteers. But they need clear and direct training. Here’s what to tell them to keep everyone safe and having fun.

30 Hour Famine: A Youth Event with Staying Power

A youth events invites participants to experience hunger by fasting in a 30 hour famine. One church is on its 17th year of this powerful event.

Top Ten PG Movies for Church Groups

Need good movies for church? 10 PG movies to watch with younger youth groups. Includes descriptions of each movie and why it would make a good showing.

Faith Words Matter: Helping Teens Articulate Faith

Naming everyday situations with faith words helps teens articulate their walk with God. Leaders guide and model, helping youth see God at work around them and in them.

Feral Church Children: Kids Need Time to “Just Be” at Church

“I love that young people are in church, not for a specified purpose, but just to “be.” Just to hang out. Just to be bored. Just to poke around… They form relationships, they form their own community.”     Unstructured Time As the Director of Children’s Ministry, I take great pride in our well-structured church programming. […]

Why Your Youth Group Needs an Adult Sponsor Team

A healthy adult sponsor team for your youth group will help your youth develop stronger faith. Here are tips for recruiting a strong team of adult sponsors.

Driving Your Youth: A Planning Tool

Offering transportation allows all children to attend acolyte or choir festivals, day-long service and educational opportunities. Furthermore, traveling together allows youth to bond with one another in life-changing ways. Arriving at your destination safely should be a planning priority.

Sunday School Activity: Life-Size Scrabble

For a group activity that is fun and builds team spirit, try life-size Scrabble for Sunday School. Tiles are easy to make and rules easy to adapt. Enjoy!

Why We Allowed Phones on the Youth Mission Trip

For years it was a tried and true rule: no phones. But this year we asks teens to help tell a digital story. We are pleasantly surprised, and so were they!

Teens, Sin, and Grace

Lisa Brown shares more of her wisdom on talking with teens about sin, grace, and forgiveness.

How to Talk with Teens about Sin

How do teens and youth understand sin, and how can adults discuss this topic in a faithful way? Lisa Brown offers practical ideas and great analogies.

Presenting Bibles to Children – Make it Intergenerational

Many churches present Bibles to young people, but this church brings older adults, parents, and children together for an intergenerational process. Children hear from older adults about why the Bible is important to them, and then receive a bookmark filled with favorite Bible verses.