Young Adult Ministry: Clearstory Collective

Clearstory Collective is a coalition of churches and spiritual communities throughout western Massachusetts intended for people who seek experiences outside conventional church worship, and for whom words like “denomination” no longer mean much.  Clearstory Collective is an expression of the radically inclusive and creative ministry of Jesus before the first century Romans branded him “a Christian,” inviting people into local, authentically open communities in common pursuit of greater fulfillment.

From year-round outdoor street communities to farms of prayerful planting, from alternative worship in brew pubs to midnight breakfasts during college exams, from theological conversations in burger joints to contemplative candlelight services, Clearstory Collective is comprised of opportunities to explore oneself in the context of the something greater that many of us sense surrounds us.  Unlike the institutional church of the last 1700 years, Clearstory Collective looks more like a loose confederation of “ecclesias” – literally, from the Greek, “assemblies” of people – for whom the truth springs forth from human interaction rather than from the walls of a building.

In the first three centuries before the institutionalization of the church, the memory of Jesus’ ministry in the streets, along the shore, out on the margins of his world, continued to inspire small communities of faith to simply be “the church”.  If there is historical precedent for Clearstory Collective, maybe this is it: a collective of ecclesias comprised of diverse expressions of faith that enrich the world of God.  We invite you to become part of one of these communities, or perhaps to start one of your own.  In either case, for further information feel free to contact Chris Carlisle at christopheraecarlisle@gmail.com.

How is your church or judicatory reaching out to those on college campuses or young adults in your community?

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